Jo and Deborah TillmanEdit

Jo: "Well, if it isn't Debbie Webbie Tillman."

Deborah: (coldly) "Hello to you too, Miss Snooty."

Deborah: "I knew we were different and that a certain teenage daughter in the family was extremely difficult to handle. One nanny alone wasn't enough."

Deborah: "So what do you say we put our differences aside?"

Jo: "I agree."

[Jo and Deborah shake their hands]

Jo and the Nanny 911 crewEdit

Yvonne: "When I heard about Holly-Cynthia's rebellious behavior and her attitude towards her family, that was when I knew I had to lend a helping hand."

Jo and Mike RugglesEdit

Jo returns to the Zagart family householdEdit

New RulesEdit

Holly-Cynthia finally meets her matchEdit

Yvonne: "I caught Holly-Cynthia leaving the house. She was going to a nightclub."

Yvonne: "Where do you think you're going, missy?"

Holly-Cynthia: "To the Camden Hotel."

Yvonne: "Reality check, there. Tonight is a school night. You have homework there, young lady, so you're not going anywhere."

Holly-Cynthia: "You're a girl. You're not my mother. So you can't tell me what to do! So, get (bleep)ed, (bleep)!"

[Yvonne raises her voice]


[Holly-Cynthia slaps Yvonne in the face]

Deborah T.: "Holly-Cynthia, that is not okay. It's not nice to hurt anybody just because you disagree on something."

Holly-Cynthia: "SHE'S A (bleep)ING COW!!!!"

[Yvonne is practically in tears]

Later on

[Holly-Cynthia is forced to write an essay; a topic on what she did wrong]

Holly-Cynthia: "What I did to my family was mean and hurtful is..."

[Holly-Cynthia tears up the essay and sneaks out through her bedroom window to go to the Camden Hotel]

[As Holly-Cynthia is about to reach her car, she sees her father there, who has found a bag of marijuana in her room]

Holly-Cynthia: "Going out Dad."

[Holly-Cynthia gets into her Barina and drives off]

Nanny Yvonne: "Unfortunately for Holly-Cynthia, her karma finally caught up to her, as she was pulled over by a police officer for driving under the influence of Marijuana."

Police Officer: "Ma'am, my I see your your Liscense?"

[An hour later, Holly-Cynthia is at the police station, and she is in handcuffs]

Police Chief: "Ma'am, do you realize that driving under the influence of illegal drugs will affect your driving record? And driving without a Liscense."

Holly-Cynthia: "My stupid dad took my Driver's Liscense away for hanging out with my boyfriend,"

[Two hours later, the Zagart family arrives at the police station along with Jo.]

Family Bliss to the ZagartsEdit

Holly-Cynthia turns over a new leafEdit

Time for Jo to goEdit

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