The Youaremother****ing****faces-Stiller Family is a fanon season 27 episode of Supernanny as well as the finale of it. Annie Blume visits Baltimore, Maryland to encounter the most selfish mother anyone has ever encountered. ****youeveryoneand Youaremother****ing****faces (40)......What the? OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! ****YOUEVERYONEAND YOUAREMOTHER****ING****FACES?! Well, her original name was Stella Stiller, but got changed to that name. She is married to Edward Stiller, age 43. They have a set of unruly quintuplets: Sunny,Rain,Storm,Winter, and Cloud, age 4. The quintuplets throw tantrums, fight, act violent to animals, hit people with baseball bats, and do all other stuff. If you thought Everybodygo ****yourselvesoriwill**you was bad, ****youeveryoneand is the most selfish, violent, AND abusive mother anyone has ever met. She has over 5000 abusive discipline techniques (ie Spankings, groundings, hot sauce, gas chambers, tabasco sauce, go in hot water, cold showers, tie to chair, 'who's your daddy?' Smack, tape to wall, soap in mouth when swearing, Creepy Zoo, banish in attic or basement, Scary the SUPER big bad dog, and more). She also goes out with her friends to scam people,steal stuff in public, break into people's houses to steal things, and attack other people in public. Can Annie try to get ****youeveryoneand to change her ways?

Discipline Techniques: Naughty Stool

Other Techniques: Selfish Tame, Essay Order, and Family Time.

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