Nicole: "Due to the threats that Yoshi, Toshio, and Satoko have received on FaceBook, the three went to Tokyo, Japan, because the the threats read that they were going to die."

Satoko: "AHH!"

Yoshi: "What's wrong Satoko?"

Satoko: "Look at my Twitter and FaceBook accounts."

[Yoshi reads the threats]

Yoshi: "Oh sweet lord."

[Toshio comes in]

Toshio: "Uncle Yoshi, Mom, what's wrong?"

[Toshio reads the message]

Toshio: "I DON'T WANNA DIE!"

Yoshi: "Shall we go to Tokyo, Japan for 3 weeks before they get here?"

Toshio: "Yes please."

[Satoko goes on her laptop and books the holiday]

Satoko: "I booked it."

2 minutes later

Satoko: "Let's go in the car."

[Satoko, Toshio, and Yoshi pack their stuff then go in the car]

cut to:

Nicole: "Meg, the school bully, and her mother were going out to kill Toshio, Yoshi, and Satoko."

[Meg and her mother Daphne are going in the car with weapons]


Daphne: "That's right! They ruined our lives and they're gonna pay!"

cut to:

[Toshio, Satoko, and Yoshi are in the car]

Toshio: "Are we safe?"

Satoko: "Yes."

[Yoshi goes to the bank]

Toshio: "Hurry, Uncle Yoshi..."

6 seconds later

[Yoshi runs into the car and he drives off]

cut to:

[Meg and Daphne are in their car]

cut to:

[Yoshi, Toshio, and Satoko are in an airport]

cut to:

[Meg and Daphne are at the Williams Household]

Meg: "Let's go inside."

[Meg and Daphne go inside]

Daphne: "The family isn't here, they're at their grandmother's place."

[Meg and Daphne go inside Toshio's room to find that he and his things is gone]

Meg: "(bleep)! HE'S NOT HERE!"

Daphne: "Let's try the twins."

[Daphne and Meg check Satoko and Yoshi's room to find their things are gone."


[Daphne and Meg go outside to their car and try and find the twins and Toshio]

cut to:

[Toshio, Satoko, and Yoshi are in a plane]

1 day after leavingEdit

[The plane arrives in Tokyo, Japan]

Toshio: "Finally, we're here! Yay!"

2 days after leavingEdit

3 days after leavingEdit

4 days after leavingEdit

5 days after leavingEdit

6 days after leavingEdit

7 days after leavingEdit

1 week after leavingEdit

2 weeks after leavingEdit

3 weeks after leavingEdit

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