Yong-il Cap (born May 15, 2018 in Pyongyang, North Korea) is one of Marci and Matthew's adoptive sons, he is the third oldest vigintuplet, only succeeded by Ji-Min, who is the second oldest and the eldest Min-ki, his parents died before he was adopted and spent crying in the orphanage at age 4 until at the age of 8, where he and his siblings were adopted by the Matthew and Marci


Yong-il is a slim man or above average height, being 5'7, taller than the average North Korean teenager, he wears black damaged jeans, a green damaged hoodie and white slippers, while working for Team Terrific 10, he wears a Korean People's Army uniform, he has a North Korean flag tattoos on his hands and abdomen and chest and a Communist Hammer and Sickle tattoo on his back in a tribal manner, including the words N-O-R-T-H tattoos on his fingers with one letter on each finger and K-O-R-E-A on the other hand on each finger.


He is laid-back, yet also timid and is almost calmly seen smiling, the only times he doesn't smile is when someone hurts his siblings, someone ordering him unless it is Another Marie, and embarrased

He is becomes violent and aggressive when someone hurts his Japanese siblings.

Family TreeEdit

Team Terrific 10's Union of KoreansEdit

In Supernanny: The Theory AnimatedEdit



  • He and his siblings have been mistaken for a gang a lot.
  • The way he gets to school is a motorcycle.
  • His favorite video game is MadWorld
  • His favorite movie is
  • His favorite TV show is
  • He hates girly stuff like Frozen and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
  • He has severe asthma and is severely allergic to peanuts, which could kill him.


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