Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Announcer: Tonight on Supernanny...

Abby: "Shut up, mommy!"

Announcer: "Jo meets the Yoling Family..."

[Abby screams]

Announcer: "Where Lucas and Abby kick and scream like untamed apes..."

Announcer: "And both of them were recently kicked out of daycare."

Lucy: "Lucas, you do not kick your sister. That is not nice."

Announcer: "Leaving Mom at the end of the rope."

Lucy: "Ever since Abby and Lucas were both kicked out of daycare for their aggressive behavior, I had to quit my full-time job at the Barnes and Noble store to take care of them. I just don't know what else to do. My eldest son, Roger decided to become a third parent after all this happened."

Roger Jr.: "My brother and sister are not being good. It's just not fair, I want my life as a teenager back."

Announcer: "Can Jo get the Yolings to pull through or will this family fall apart?"

Abby: "Sorry, Mommy."

Yoling Family HomeEdit

Observation BeginsEdit

Trip to the SupermarketEdit


Jo: "All right, I've seen enough. Tomorrow morning, we are going to have a parent meeting."

Parent MeetingEdit

Jo: "Good morning, Lucy."

Lucy: "Good morning."

Jo: "I called you both here this morning because we need a serious talk. Your eldest son, Roger, became a third parent for he wanted to help take care of his younger siblings, but he sometimes wonders if he ever regrets that decision."

Teaching BeginsEdit

Family ScheduleEdit

Jo: "Out with the old, in with the new."


Jo: "I don't want you two yelling and screaming anymore."

Naughty PlatformEdit

[Jo and Lucy walk away from Abby, leaving her on the Naughty Platform]

Abby: "Mommy and Jo-Jo are big Poopie butts!"

Abby: "Sorry, Mommy."

Shared Play TechniqueEdit

Abby: "It's my monkey plush, Lucas! GIVE IT TO ME!"

Lucas: "But I want to play with your toys! You will never get it!"

[Lucas and Abby start tugging on Abby's monkey plush's arms in a tug-of-war style]

Lucy: "Abby, Lucas, cut it out with the fighting. Everybody gets a turn."

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