The Yoling Family is a Season 2 episode of the fanon Supernanny series. Jo visits Lake in the Hills, Illinois to meet the Yolings. Roger, age 53, and Lucy, age 49, have 4 kids. Roger, age 14, Kadance, age 9, Lucas, age 6, and Abby, age 4. Lucas and Abby are prone to kicking and screaming like untamed apes, which leads to the eldest child, Roger, to become a third parent. This episode's issued technique is the Naughty Platform, Shared Play


  • Lucy became the oldest woman on Supernanny.
  • Lucas has the same brain mixed with 2 amok runners. Khalin from the Goins Family, and Josef from the Webb Family.
  • Abby has the same brain mixed with 3 amok runners. Andra from the Jeans Family, Farley from the Park Family, and Skylar from the Minyon Family, but even worse.

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