Yolanda Giancarlo (born September 16, 2010) is the youngest child of Inez Giancarlo.



Family TreeEdit

  • Father:
  • Stepfather: Dr. John Nicholas
  • Mother: Inez Giancarlo (1977-)
  • Brother: Jamie Giancarlo (2004-)
  • Sister: Melita Giancarlo (2007-)
  • Aunts:
  • Uncles:
  • Cousins:
  • Grandmothers: Giancarlo
  • Grandfathers: Giancarlo
  • Stepgrandmother: Nicholas
  • Stepgrandfather: Pablo Nicholas


  • Her full name is Yolanda Louise Giancarlo
  • Her favorite movie is Bratz
  • Her favorite TV show is 6teen
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • She likes to go to the mall with her friends
  • She was banned from several restaurants for life. The last restaurant she was kicked out of was The Pink Adobe, because she defecated all over the table, spat at several waiters and refused to eat what was placed in front of her.


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