The Yin Family is the first episode of Season 14 Jo goes to Columbine, Colorado to help widowed mom, Ling, age 34, with their 6 children, Ai, age 16, Heng, age 14, Huan, age 10, Duyi, age 9, and fraternal twins Dandan and Feng, age 3, while Ai and Huan are well-behaved but the others aren't Heng swears and got kicked out of 4 schools for his behavior, Duyi backalks and hits his parents, but the twins are the worst behaved they kick and swear and punch because their father Gang died of brain tumor 2 1/2 years ago, before they moved here, The Family came home from China, All six kids speak Chinese and some English.

Discipline Techiques used: Naughty Pit (For Dandan and Feng), Reflection Room (For Duyi and Heng)

Other Techiques: Lose What You Like Chart (For Duyi and Heng), Learn English, Thought Box (For Huan and Ai)

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