The Yemagada-Synchronize Family is a fanon Season 22 episode of Supernanny. Jo visits a Japanese-American blended family. Satoko (40) and Craig (38) have 5 children. Craig had 3 crazy children: Chantelle (16), Taylor (13), and Josie (7). Craig has divorced a mean-spirited mother who is 37, they both divorced five years ago and gained custody of the kids and furfilled a divorce and a restraining order against his former wife. Satoko's first husband died of lung cancer the last year. Satoko has two children: Toshihiro (4) and Reika (1). Satoko's children are well-behaved, but Craig's children are far from it. Chantelle and Taylor are cruel to animals, they take fish out of water, and do other stuff. Taylor smokes cigarettes, smokes weed and pot, has violent outbursts, often punches things, and has been expelled from 5 schools. Josie talks very mean and never talks nice, actually yells and shouts, snatches things, and never made any speech therapists happy. She has been expelled from 30 schools. Can Jo help this family?

Discipline techniques: Stationary Chair (for Chantelle), Calm Down Zone (for Taylor and Josie).

Other techniques: Allowance Chart, Reward Chart, Chore Chart, Teamwork Technique, Drug Disposal.

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