Nanny Jo returns to the UK to visit the Yarbrough Family. 39-year-old Ernest and 35-year-old Edith from Lurgan, County Armagh in Northern Ireland have four daughters: Nixzmary (3), Anna (9), Polly (4), and Kimberly (7). Nixzmary has her daddy wrapped around her own finger, defusing mom's hard line stance, throws tantrums, screams, yells and spits, Anna kicks, hits, spits, punches, stabs, swears and screams, and Polly, is swearing, slapping, pinching, hitting, and kicking her mom, pinches, and Kimberly has a an extremely hostile and violent sibling rivalry with Anna.

This episode features the issue on the Naughty Seat for Nixzmary and Polly, the One-Strike-and-You're-Out and Chill-Out Zone for Anna and Kimberly.

Jo Frost-11-11-11

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