Before the Revolving Line Of creditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny...once upon a time in a faraway kingdom called Anaheim, California, there lived a king and a queen, and they gave birth to a set of decuplet princesses. But this is no fairy tale...these little princesses have taken over the castle and ruled the roost with little iron fists."

[Rita screams]

Announcer: "The king and queen are at wit's end, as the princesses scream..."

Dora: "Shut up!"

[We see a pregnant Celeste]

Announcer: "Also, their mother, the Queen is about to give birth to a set of triplet daughters."

Sandy: "I am the princess here!"

Announcer: "Can Jo help this family get back on track so they can live happily ever after?"

Announcer: "Or will this story have an unhappy ending?"

Stella: "Sorry, mommy."

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's see what family I've got this time."

???: "Hi, we're the Yang Family. I'm Celeste."

???: "and I'm Kent."


Linda: "My name is Princess Linda. I am 3 years old."

Stella: "I'm Princess Stella."

Sienna: "I'm Princess Sienna."

Dora: "My name is Princess Dora,"

Sandy: "My name is Princess Sandy, I'm 3 years old."

Sharee: "I am Princess Sharee."

Rita: "I'm Princess Rita."

Malaika: "My name is Princess Malaika."

Piper: "I'm Princess Piper."

Melanie: "And my name is Princess Melanie, I'm three."

Observation BeginsEdit

Celeste: "Girls, time to go to preschool!"

Observation ContinuesEdit

[We see the girls' closet full of Disney Princess costumes, boots, wigs, capes, hair pieces, Merida archery set, jewelry sets, light-up wands, tiaras, accessories, shoes---including Sofia the First, Tinkerbell, Elsa, Anna, Aurora, Merida, Belle, Princess Jasmine, Snow White, Rapunzel, Ariel, Cinderella, Pocahontas and Mulan]

[Jo opens another closet door to reveal more Disneyland costumes and accessories----including Glinda from Disney's Oz the Great and Powerful, a Rapunzel white wedding dress, Minnie Mouse (one pink and one red), Zarnia the Pirate Fairy, Doc McStuffins, Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates,]

Jo: Wow, that's a lot of Disney stuff!



Jo: "It was bedtime, the girls were watching a movie in their room."

[Sandy, Rita, Stella, Linda, Dora, Sienna, Piper, Sharee, Malaika and Melanie are in their bedroom, dressed in their Disney Princess nightgowns and watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast on their bedroom TV while the others except Linda feel very tired]

Celeste: "Girls, it's time for you all to go to bed."

Linda: "NO!!!! WE ARE NOT!"

Celeste: "Come on, Linda. Even little princesses need their rest."

Sandy, Rita, Stella, Dora, Sienna, Piper, Sharee, Makaika, and Melanie: "Okay. We wanna go to bed now!"

Linda: "I DON'T!"

Celeste: "Come on, Linda. It's bedtime. We have a busy day tomorrow."

Linda: "No way! I am watching a movie!"

Celeste: "We can finish watching that tomorrow, okay? I know that you were getting to the best part of the movie, I'm sure."

Jo: "What do you have planned tomorrow, Celeste?"

Show TimeEdit

[Linda plays the Disney Princess CD on her Disney Princess Jewelry CD boombox]

[Music plays "If You Can Dream," by the Disney Princesses]

Jo: "The girls were putting up a show for mom and dad. Melanie set up the costumes and the stage scenery, while Linda provided the music."

[Piper comes out dressed as Ariel]

Piper: (singing) "There is a world where hope and dreams can last for all time...a wonderous place to go, you'll know it where your heart finds..."

[Stella comes out dressed as Princess Jasmine]

Stella: (singing) "Hearing our song as old as rhyme...hold my hand, we're gonna fly...what a magic ride, and just a kiss away..."

Stella and Piper: "If you can dream..the wish we're making on a star is coming true."

[Rita comes out dressed as Pocahontas]

Rita: (singing) "The colors of the wind will lead my heart right back to you..."

Piper, Stella and Rita: "...'Cause if you can dream...reflections in a diamond sky come shining all through..."

[Sienna comes out dressed as Princess Aurora]

Sienna: (singing) "Romance will always be so new, and love will save the day...if you can dream..."

[Sandy comes out dressed as Snow White]

Sandy: (singing) "Someday my prince will come, it's certain as the sunrise..."

[Malaika comes out dressed as Cinderella]

Malaika: (singing) "One day the slipper fits, and you see the love in his eyes..."

[Sharee comes out dressed as Belle]

Sharee: (singing) "It's a tale as old as time, there's no mountain we can't find...when you're finally mine, and just a kiss away..."

Piper, Stella, Rita, Sienna, Sandy, Malaika and Sharee: "If you can dream..."

Kent: "My daughters were singing so, so beautifully..."

[Dora comes out dressed as Mulan]

Dora: (singing) "Romance will always be so new, and love will save the day, if you can dream..."

Sharee: "So the story goes, never tire the rose..."

Stella: "There's a whole new world waiting just for us, waiting just for us."

Jo: "But then all of a sudden, Malaika started to act up and ruin Sandy's solo by punching her in the gut, and then the other girls went down as well."

Sandy: " Romance will always be so---"

[Malaika knocks Sandy down by pushing her]

Sandy: "Oof!"

Piper: "And love will---"

[Sandy falls over and bumps into Piper]

Piper: "Ugh!"

Dora: "Love will---OOF!"

[Dora falls down along with Piper and Sandy.]

Celeste: "Oh, no!"

[Sienna and Rita also fall down]

Celeste: "Right, Malaika! BED!!!"

Malaika: "Already?! It's not even 8:00."

Celeste: "Because you punched Sandy in the stomach and ruined the whole show, you will be going to bed right now! And in addition, you will lose all of your Disney Princess dolls and Bratz dolls for two whole weeks!"

Malaika: "Awww, man!"

Kent: "Right now, young lady."

Jo: "All right, Kent and Celeste. I'll be seeing you tomorrow morning for a parent meeting."

Announcer: "Coming up on Supernanny...Jo lays down the royal rules."

Jo: "No punching, no pushing, no fighting..."

Announcer: "And introduces the Naughty Mat."

Celeste: "You are going to sit on the Naughty Mat right now, young lady!"

[Celeste takes Linda over to the Naughty Mat]

Announcer: "But will it be enough to tame these pampered little princesses?"

Melanie: "SHUT UP!"

Linda: "(bleep) off, you stupid (bleep)!"

[Rita spits in Celeste's face]

[Sienna runs into the street]

[Stella pushes Rita off the trampoline]

[Sandy knocks over a gargoyle statue]

Piper: (whining) "Mommy! I want that toy!"

[Malaika snatches Stella's Princess Jasmine doll]

[Dora plays with a machete]

[Sharee grabs Piper's face and pulls it towards hers]


Announcer: "When Supernanny returns."

Time for schoolEdit

[Linda, Dora, Stella, Piper and the other girls are fast asleep]

[The Disney Frozen alarm clock rings]

Celeste: "Girls, time to wake up. It's time to go to pre-school. Time to get dressed."

[Cut to: Kent packing lunches in the girls' Disney Princess lunch bags]

Parent MeetingEdit

Jo: "Your daughters are absolutely beautiful and talented, you two should be very proud parents for raising those little princesses. Let us talk about the television in their bedroom - Televisions should not ever be in a child's bedroom; it interferes with their sleep. Do you have a playroom by any chance?"

Celeste: "Oh, I believe we do."

House RulesEdit

Jo: "No punching, no pushing, share your toys, no fighting...televison sets belong in the living room...pick up your toys. Absolutely no playing with machetes, Don't play with Mom's makeup."

Naughty Mat TechniqueEdit

Celeste: "You are going to sit on the Naughty Mat, young lady!"

Jo: "Explain why she is there."

[Celeste takes Linda by the hand and puts her on the Naughty Mat]

[Rita spits in Celeste's face]

Linda: "(bleep) off, you stupid (bleep)!"

[Sienna runs into the street]

[Stella pushes Rita off the trampoline]

[Sandy knocks over a gargoyle statue]

3 minutes later

Celeste: "Linda, you have been placed in timeout because you were not listening to mommy when you were asked to pick up your toys and you were saying bad words. I would like an apology, please."

Linda: "Sorry, mommy."

Celeste: "Thank you."

[Linda and Celeste hug]

Shared PlayEdit

[Malaika snatches Stella's Princess Jasmine doll]

Celeste: "Malaika! Give the doll back to Stella!"

Malaika: "NO!"

Celeste: "I'm pretty sure when the Disney Princesses were kids, they needed to play nice, otherwise they would've had to go sit on the Naughty Mat."

Malaika: "NO THEY DIDN'T!"

Celeste: "RIGHT! Naughty Mat!"

[Malaika is now on the Naughty Mat]

[Malaika waves her fairy princess wand]

Malaika: "You're a frog!"

[Jo takes Malaika's fairy princess wand]

{3 minutes later}

Malaika: "Sorry, Mommy."

Celeste: "Good girl."

[Celeste hugs Malaika]

Celeste: "Now you go and apologize to Stella."

Malaika: "Sorry."

[Malaika and Stella hug]

Celeste: "Thank you. Now we can resume our game."

Princess Reward ChartEdit

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Stay in BedEdit

Family TimeEdit

Activity DialEdit

Jo: "Today, I'd like to introduce the activity dial."

Celeste: "Let's see which activity we have today."

Black SheetsEdit

Jo: "Today, i'd like to introduce the black sheets." "These will go on all the places you're not allowed to go to".

(Jo places the black sheets on Mom's makeup, the parental closet, the power tools, statues, furniture, plants the machetes and axes).

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Bye Bye Jo-JoEdit

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