Jo Frost-12-2-11
 Yang Family is a episode. Jo heads off to Anaheim, California to help Kent (39) and Celeste (36) with their 3-year-old identical decaplet daughters, Linda, Sharee, Dora, Sandy, Melanie, Malaika, Rita, Stella, Piper, and Sienna. These girls are obsessed with the Disney Princess franchise and they dress up like their favorite Disney Princesses. The trouble is, they bicker, get into their mother's makeup, refuse to eat their given meals, go into their parents' closet where they have no business going into, fight over on who gets the best Disney Princess dolls and clothing, stay up past their bedtime watching Disney movies on TV in their bedroom, throw tantrums, scream, cry for attention, color on the walls, shriek, refuse to listen or brush their teeth. Melanie causes a scene in public and shouts at her sisters, Rita spits and plays with dangerous power tools, Sienna runs into the street, kicks, hits people, stamps her feet when she doesn't get her way, yells and slaps, Sandy knocks over statues, furniture and plants, Piper begs for treats, toys and new clothes, Sharee grabs her sisters' faces and pulls at them, Malaika bites her parents' legs like a Pirhanna and snatches toys from her sisters during playtime, Dora plays with machetes and axes, Stella pushes her sisters off the trampoline and makes a mess in the kitchen, Linda (the worst behaved of them all) kicks, swears, throws furniture and toys, punches, pushes, and pinches. Can Jo help this family out so that they can live happily ever after or will the princesses only make matters worse?

Discipline technique(s) used: Naughty Mat, Toy Confiscation, Princess Reward Chart

Other techniques used: Stay in Bed, Shared Play, Family Time, Activity Dial, Black Sheets, Good Eater, Toothbrush Technique, Involvement

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