Jo visits a Chinese-Australian blended family with 10 children. Chinese mother Li Ming (40) has lost her first husband Cheng in a cardiac arrest four years ago. His second husband, a sac and fox indian and australian husband named Charan (41) has lost his wife Takoda (who was Native-American and Australian) to cardiovascular diseases four years ago. Li Ming and Charan have been married and lived at Southaven, Mississippi for two years. From her previous marriage, Li Ming has four children: Chen (13), Maylin (10), Jingjing (8), and Shing (6). From his previous marriage, Charan has six children: Ashwin (16), Zihna (14), Catahecassa (12), Lokesh (10), Sachet (7), and Kishan (6). All the children know English very well. Ashwin, Zihna, Chen, Maylin, and Jingjing are well-behaved. As for the other children, they are far from it. Shing does something bad and laughs at that. Catahecassa does loud noise during the night. Lokesh pulls hair, swears, fights, plays violent video games, AND...DECIDES...TO...STAY...AT...HOME!!! (his words, not mine!) HE LEAVES WHEN HE SAYS SO!!! (his words, not mine!) Sachet and Kishan are the most badly behaved boys Jo has ever encountered. Can Jo help this family?

Discipline techniques: Reflection Room.

Other techniques: Teamwork Technique, Group Project

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