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Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Announcer: "This week on Supernanny."

[Zoey poops on her hand and smears it on Janice's face]


[Rebecca slaps Zoey, causing Zoey to cry]

Rebecca: "That's for pooping on me!"

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's take a look at who we got here."

???: "Hi! We're the Wring Family! I'm Janice, and I work at a hospital as a registered nurse."

Observation BeginsEdit

Jo: "Hi, you must be Janice, my name is Jo."

Janice: "Hello, Jo."

[Jo walks down to hallway to witness a ton of feces]

Jo: "My word....that is a lot of poop, who did that?"

Janice: "It is our youngest daughter, Zoey who did this."

[Zoey poops on her butt and smears it on the walls]

Jo: "NO! ZOEY! Wash your hands, now!"

[Jo grabs Zoey]

House RulesEdit

Jo: "Here is a rule that applies to you, Zoey: pee and poo belong in the loo."

Janice: "Don't smear poop on your big sisters' faces. Don't pee or poop anywhere but the toilet."

Naughty PitEdit

Jo: "When Zoey smeared poop all over Rebecca's face when trying to play a game, she got disciplined via the Naughty Pit."

Zoey vs. the BabysitterEdit

Zoey turns over a new leafEdit

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