World War II: Missing Blood is a Japanese-animated drama-thriller anti-war spin-off film about Ryou, Sakura, Tokiko, and Yuuya Shako, the WWII's Shako Family, and Tokiko's, Ryou's and Sakura's last few months before Sakura and Tokiko are dead from the Nagasaki bombing and Ryou from starvation


The film starts with Ryou and Sakura reading a newspaper about Germany's surrender, their six-year old daughter Tokiko, and five-year old son Yuuya were playing until an air-raid siren sounds, causing the family, to run and get in an air-raid shelter, after the air raid, the area was burnt, leaving fire and burnt bodies, few weeks later, an American solider enters the rebuilt Shako household, only to be killed by cyanide-laced beer that the family layed out, and Ryou dragging the dead body outside to some Japanese military officials, which take the body and burn it, Sakura is then seen with her children going to Ryou, she then kicks the burnt corpses that she and her husband killed, calling the corpses "Horrible people to raid Japan." Before she and her children go back inside, a month later, they heard a bomb got dropped on Hiroshima, killing many people, three days later, another one was dropped on Nagasaki, killing Tokiko and Sakura, after the bombing, Ryou and Yuuya put their corpses in the basemet of their holiday home, one day later, Ryou accidently locks himself in his office, leaving him to starve to death, 20 days later, about 15 days after Japan's surrender, Yuuya finds out his father died from starvation, causing the five-year old to cry, then, he, and a few friends, throw stones at the American soldiers chanting "Give me back mommy! Give me back Tokiko! Give me back daddy!", the film ends with the spirits of Tokiko, Ryou, and Sakura, watching over the modern city of Nagasaki, Japan and their son holding newborn Satoshi Shako with his spouse​



It received positive reviews from critics.

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