Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny, Jo heads off to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to meet the Wonka Family. Rebecca (34) and Perry (36) have 5 kids: Jessie (7), Oliver (6), Harry (5), Owen (4) and Julie (2)."

Announcer: "Oliver is well-behaved, but his other siblings are out of control"

Announcer: "They have a craving for chocolate, candy and any other sweets."

Announcer: "Julie is dominant and spoiled rotten."

Announcer: "Jessie is over-competitive."

[Jessie shoplifts a box of gum]

Rebecca: "No, Jessie. Put that box of gum back."

Announcer: "Harry stays up past his bedtime watching his favorite TV programs."

Announcer: "Owen eats unhealthy and sugary foods and refuses to eat real food."

Thought BoxEdit

Jo: "I brought in the Thought Box for Oliver to share his opinions on his family."

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