Jo heads off to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to meet the Wonka Family. Rebecca (34) and Perry (36) have 5 kids: Jessie (7), Oliver (6), Harry (5), Owen (4) and Julie (2). Oliver is well-behaved, but his other siblings are out of control; they have a craving for chocolate, candy and any other sweets. Julie is dominant and spoiled rotten, Jessie is over-competitive, Harry stays up past his bedtime watching his favorite TV programs, and Owen eats unhealthy and sugary foods and refuses to eat real food. The children fight, swear, throw tantrums, spit and refuse to brush their teeth. Can Jo step in to save this family?

Discipline techniques: Naughty Pit (for Julie), Naughty Chair (for Owen and Harry), Naughty Room (for Jessie)

Other techniques: Thought Box (for Oliver), Stay in Bed (for Harry), Shared Play, Snack Jar Technique, Toothbrush Technique 

Naughty Pit

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