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Tonight on SupernannyEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny, Jo meets the Wong Family...whose daughter has an upcoming birthday..."

[Linda decorates the cake]

Announcer: "But her two young sons ruin it for their little sister."

Linda: "Oh, no! I just finished decorating the cake!"

James: "We want the cake! Mimi isn't having it! MINE!"

Linda: "No, James. That's her cake, not yours!"

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Let's take a look and see what family we've got this time,"

???: "Hi, we're the Wong Family. I'm Linda, and I'm a professional cake decorator."

???: "And I'm Aaron. I own and manage a family restaurant."

Linda: "We have three children, starting with the eldest, James who is 7. He is the ringleader in causing trouble."

[James takes a crowbar and smashes a window with it]

James: "I love to be bad. I know it ain't smart, it's stupid. And heck, I love to be stupid."

Aaron: "There's Trevor, who is 5. He is the worst. He's very aggressive."

[Trevor tackles his sister Mimi]

[Trevor pushes Mimi off the swing]

Linda: "We also have a daughter named Mimi who is 3 1/2, and she will be turning 4 in a few days."

Aaron: "Unlike her older brothers, Mimi is a sweet, well-behaved little angel."

Linda: "Trevor and James keep eating the birthday cake I have finished icing which is meant for Mimi's birthday party."

[Trevor and James gobble up Mimi's birthday cake]

Linda: "Oh, no! Not another cake! I just finished decorating that!"

[James destroys Mimi's party dress]

[Mimi cries]

Mimi: "Mommy! Look what James did!"

Linda: "Oh, no! I just finished making that dress!"

[Trevor grabs his sister's face and pulls it close to him]

[Mimi cries]

Jo: "My word!"

Aaron: "Those boys terrorize their little sister..."

[James grabs Mimi's hair]

Aaron: "....Act up in public restaurants, especially in my restaurant..."

[Trevor and James scream and yell at the restaurant table]

Aaron: "...they spit at their mother..."

[Trevor spits at Linda]

[James spits]

Jo: "That's disgusting! Look at the boys spitting! They're like camels!"

[Trevor takes a broom and uses it to smash a window]

Linda: "These boys make a mess in the house."

[Trevor pours shampoo out of the bottles and on Linda's bed]

Linda: "Ugh, Trevor!!!"

Jo: "This is their home that their wrecking!"

[Trevor and James behead Mimi's dolls]

[Mimi cries, holding her beheaded Rapunzel plush doll]

Mimi: "Mommy! Trevor killed Rapunzel!!"

Linda: "Trevor will pick something that belongs to Mimi..throw it and smash it."

Aaron: "The boys' language is apalling."

James: "(bleep)!"

Trevor: "(bleep)!"

James: "Mother(bleep)er!"


Observation BeginsEdit

Linda: "I am a professional cake decorator. I won first place last year in a cake decorating competition, and I hope to win a blue ribbon this year."

[Linda leads Jo to her trophies and ribbons]

Jo: "My goodness, that is a lot of awards, Linda."

Linda: "Here is the birthday cake that I'm decorating and preparing for Mimi..."

[Linda lifts the cover off the cake and discovers that the birthday cake has been half-eaten]

Jo: "Oh, dear."

Linda: "Not again..."

Jo: "Again? What do you mean?"

Linda: "James and Trevor are at it again...they got into another birthday cake meant for Mimi's birthday party."

Morning RoutineEdit

Jo: "The next morning, mom gathered her three children to take them to school. Mimi was the first one up and dressed, but her brothers?"

[Mimi is having breakfast]

Mimi: "Mommy, where are James and Trevor?"

[Linda goes upstairs]

Linda: "James, Trevor. Wake up, boys. Time to get up."

Trevor: "No."

James: "Go kill yourself."

Linda: "It takes Mimi at least 5-10 minutes to get dressed, 1 minute to brush her hair and 3 minutes to have breakfast and 3 minutes to get her stuff ready. However, her brothers take 1-2 hours, and we rarely leave on time."

Mimi: "My brothers don't like to wake up in the morning."

[Mimi is in her school uniform and jacket, her school lunch packed, and her things ready, still waiting for her brothers]

Mimi: "James, Trevor! I'm waiting!"

Children home from schoolEdit

[Linda is in the kitchen, decorating a birthday cake for Mimi]

Linda: "Hi, honey, how was school today?"

Mimi: "It was great, mommy!"

[Mimi notices the cake]

Mimi: "Oh, Mommy. That cake looks pretty!

Observation ContinuesEdit

Jo: "Later, Dad came home from work."

[Aaron arrives home]

Parent MeetingEdit

Jo: "After observing the family for a day, I decided to sit down with the parents and have a talk with them about what I've observed and issues that needed to be addressed."

[Jo, Linda and Aaron sit at the dining room table]

Jo: "You have three beautiful children and you should be proud."

Jo: "Let's discuss issues about your little boys, Trevor and James. They enjoy the creative presentations of your cakes so much that they eat them up--literary!"

Linda: "I know, as a professional cake decorator, I know which themes that fascinate kids the most and I also work on the details. I do cakes for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, engagements, wedding showers, you name it! Heck, I even make cupcakes, cake pops, cake rockets and cake shots."

House RulesEdit


Mimi's Birthday PartyEdit

Jo: "The next day was Mimi's birthday party, and she was having a Cinderella-themed party."

[Jo helps Linda set up the streamers and balloons]

[We see Mimi dressed up as Cinderella]

[Linda finishes setting up Cinderella's Royal table with princely pandesal, pink lemonade, strawberry shakes, petit fours, pink and blue cupcakes, linzer heart cookies, star-shaped pretzels, royal lemon sugar cookies, Princess Punch (homemade blueberry lime-aid) with optional mix-ins, Cinderella’s caprese skewers, Jaq’s homemade mini mac-n-cheese, mini princess crown pizzas, fairy wand pb&j’s made with a mini star cookie cutter and pretzel stick, veggies, chips and dip, mini turkey burger sliders, Fairy God-mother’s fruit, Your Majesty’s teriyaki meatballs and Masala Chicken Wings, invitation sandwiches, Cinderella bento boxes, midnight moon tea and princessly tart]

Linda: "We all pretended that every little girl was going to a ball."

[We see Jo dressed as the Fairy Godmother]

[Caroline, Emily, Julie, Catherine, Erica, Olivia, Brenda, Alexandra, Elizabeth arrive]

Mimi: "Hi, girls! Come on in, the ball's about to begin!"


Parent EvaluationEdit

DVD MeetingEdit


Bye Bye, Jo-JoEdit

Family UpdateEdit

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