Witness is a fanfic by Japanlover86.

Chapter 1Edit

Three young Chinese children witness a certain Japanese boy beating a prisoner

The oldest Chinese girl, Mulan, she looked pre-teen she looked very stoic and quiet

The Chinese boy, Wei, no older than eight was acting smug, he hummed Thrift Shop by Macklemore.

The youngest Chinese girl Jiao, who appeared to be about six or seven, averted her eyes as the prisoner was bleeding to death

" (Mr. Doctor?)" The 7-year old Chinese girl, the Japanese boy looked at her

" (Hello, Chinese Ghost Children)" he said to the smug Chinese boy, the concerned older Chinese girl and the scared younger Chinese girl, then he went back to the prisoner

" (GET UP YOU DISHONOURABLE S***!)" He yelled to the female prisoner, no older than 19, she is beaten because she refused sexual demands from the male Japanese speaking-corps members, the woman was bare breasted, most of her clothes ripped off.

"Huh?" The woman said, she noticed three Chinese children, one boy and two girls, they were dressed in Han Dynasty-era Chinese clothes, they looked at her

" (By that look on your face, Doctor, you are going to perform one of those horrific medical experiments)" Wei said to Toshio

" (I'm gonna vivisect her, but first, I have to poison her with bubonic plague laced biscuits, they will take 7 minutes to work)" Toshio said

Toshio then got bubonic plague-laced biscuits and gave them to the woman and he and the Chinese children went to play One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2.

A couple minutes later, Toshio wore a white suit, alongside the Chinese children, they entered the cell, the woman had bubo on her skin and they could clearly see she had been vomiting.

Toshio and Takumi Cap entered the room, also wearing white clothing.

" (Vivisection) " he said to them

The boys made sure their masks were on and they dragged her by her legs into the operation table

Toshio vivisected the teacher, it came on as planned, the bubonic plague virus that was in the biscuits worked as a charm, 

Wei, Mulan and Jiao looked on ahead, the they and Toshio burnt the woman's body then left the room.

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