Jo Frost-12-2-11

Jo heads off to Twin Falls, Idaho to help out a mom, who's a full-time college student. While her husband, Michael (34) is away at his weekly business travels, Donna (27), is struggling with her 6 kids: 10-year-old Cynthia, 6-year-old Misty, 5-year-old Sean, 4-year-old Diane, 3-year-old Tyler, and 2-year-old Justin. These kids have no respect for authority whatsoever; they spit, break things, throw tantrums, swear, fight, lie, hit, refuse to stay in bed, do their chores, or brush their teeth. Cynthia and Misty don't do their homework. Is Jo up to the challenge?

Discipline technique(s) used: Naughty Corner (for Justin, Tyler, Diane, and Sean), Toy Taming, Naughty Room (Misty and Cynthia)

Other techniques used: Achievement Board, Voice Training Technique, Chore Chart, Stay in Bed, Toothbrush Technique, and Homework Area

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