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Before the revolving line of credit Edit

Submission Reel Edit

Observation begins Edit

Observation continues Edit

Winfield Family Issues Edit

Alpha gets a boyfriend Edit

[Alpha notices a sad boy named Ronny Jervis]

Alpha: "Hey, why do you look sad?"

Ronny: "It's because I don't have a girlfriend."

Alpha: "I know a magic trick."

Ronny: "Show me."

Alpha: "Okay, Ronny. [hides her arms behind her back] how many fingers are behind my back?"

Ronny: "Um... 4?"

[Alpha reveals her arm]

Alpha: "None, it's my foot. [Wiggles her toes to show proof]

Ronny: "Wow... you got some nice feet... will you be my girlfriend?"

Alpha: "Certainly!"

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