Before the revolving line of creditEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

Orla, Kayla, Bryce and Adrian: "Go (bleep) yourself, you Mother(bleep)ing (bleep)!"

Announcer: "For the first time ever, Jo meets a family with Nonuplets."

Alison: "Go sit down and eat your lunch."

Teddy, Tristin, Tyler, Andrew: "NO!"

Orla: "They've got all the candy in there." (Referring to the trash bag)

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Hi, we're here to help a former single mom in Texas, so why don't you join me and take a look and see who we got here?"

???: "Hi, we're the Winer Family. I'm Alison, and I am 29."

???: "I'm Logan, and I'm 26."

Alison: "As a single mom, I had Melissa, who is now 15. Logan and I also have a set of fraternal Nonuplets, who are all 3 years old. There's Orla, Kayla, Bryce, Adrian, Teddy, Tristin, Tyler, Andrew, and Trent."

Jo: "Oh, my. That's a lot of kids."

Alison: "Orla, Kayla, Bryce, and Adrian use a lot of bad words."

Adrian: "Go to (bleep), you filthy son of a (bleep)!"

Bryce: "(bleep)!"

Kayla: "(bleep) you, (bleep)!"

Orla: "Goodbye, you stupid (bleep)!"

Jo: "My word! The children's language are terrible! They're swearing like sailors!"

Alison: "Teddy, Andrew, Tristin, Tyler, and Trent all talk back to me."

Andrew: "NO!"

Teddy: "This isn't fair!"

Trent: "Who cares?"

Tristin: "Leave me alone!"

Tyler: "Get off of my back!"

Logan: "Orla, Tristin, Tyler, and Kayla inflict payback against each other."

[Orla aggressively attacks Tyler]

Logan: "Orla and Adrian both knock the chairs over and also disrespect the home."

[Orla and Adrian knock the chairs over]

[Adrian throws a plant across the room]

Alison: "Orla will also run down the streets."

[Orla runs into a street]

Logan: "Orla, stop!"

Orla: "Can't catch me!"

Alison: "And she also pushes others off the trampoline."

[Orla pushes Kayla, Bryce, Adrian, Andrew, Teddy, Tristin, Tyler, and Trent off the trampoline]

Orla: "Ha-ha!"

Logan: "Teddy also pulls someone else's hair."

[Teddy yanks on Orla's hair]

Alison: "Tristin and Teddy will either push each other or someone else."

[Teddy and Tristin are pushing each other]

Alison: "Adrian also will attempt to commit suicide."

[Adrian attempts to commit suicide by jumping off the roof]

Melissa: "Adrian, no!"

Alison: "Orla, Tristin, and Bryce also spit."

[Orla spits in Melissa's face]

[Tristin spits]

Melissa: "Ew!"

[Bryce spits in Alison's face]

Jo: "Disgusting! They're like camels!"

Logan: "Orla, Adrian, Teddy and Bryce also bite."

[Bryce bites Alison's leg]

Alison: "Tristin, Tyler, and Andrew call each other, Melissa, Logan, and me names."

Andrew: "Poo-poo!"

Tristin: "Poopy-butt!"

Tyler: "Poo-poo head!"

Tristin: "Loser!"

Andrew: "Stinky Head!"

Tyler: "Poopie Head!"

Tristin: "Dummy!"

Tyler: "Stink face!"

Andrew: "Spud Head!"

Logan: "Adrian, Teddy, and Tyler also hit."

[Adrian, Teddy, and Tyler are hitting Orla, Tristin, Bryce, Trent, Kayla, and Andrew.]

Alison: "Teddy, Bryce, and Orla throw things."

[Orla throws books at Melissa and Trent]

Melissa: "Ow!"

[Teddy throws a baseball bat at Tyler, Adrian and Tristin]

[Bryce throws toys at Andrew and Kayla]

[Orla throws a computer monitor at Alison]

Logan: "Adrian and Tristin grab other people's faces."

[Adrian grabs Orla's face]

Orla: "HEY! LET GO!"

[Tristin grabs Kayla's face]

Logan and Alison: "Supernanny, please come help us."

Jo: "Alison and Logan, just hang in there a little longer for I will be there soon."

Observation BeginsEdit

[The nonuplets except Andrew are watching some Barney videos on TV]

Observation ContinuesEdit

Parent MeetingEdit

Teaching BeginsEdit

House RulesEdit

Jo: "Good morning everyone, today I'm here to introduce some rules to you."

Teddy: "We don't like rules."

Orla: "I am not liking this one bit."

Trent: "I will try hard not to talk-back to mommy and daddy."

Jo: "All right, the first rule is: Treat the house with respect. Number two is bedtime is at 7:00 daily,"

Naughty Pit TechniqueEdit

Jo: "It didn't take long. We were in the living room, and one of the Nonuplets, Teddy, hit his sister, Melissa."

[Teddy hits Melissa in the leg]

Melissa: "Ow!"

[Alison puts Teddy into the Naughty Pit and deposits 10 beanbags in the pit]

Alison: "You need to stay here until I tell you that you can get up."

[Alison immediately confiscates Teddy's Big Bird 14" plush and puts it into the toy time-out box]

Teddy: "I want my Big Bird!"

Alison: "Not right now, Big Bird's in toy jail."

Jo: "Mommy put you in the Naughty Pit because you were misbehaving and being naughty, Teddy, and you hit your sister."

[Teddy escapes and runs outdoors in the street naked]


Family Test RunEdit

DVD MeetingEdit


Bye Bye Jo-Jo and the coast becomes clearEdit

Family UpdateEdit

Alison: "Everybody is happier, and they are calmer. It almost seems as if the coast is clear."

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