Time to Go to Aunt Vicky's HouseEdit

Packing ThingsEdit

Petunia: "Your Aunt Vicky has invited your Aunt Mandy and your Aunt Frankie."

Petunia: "Your Grandma Sophie and Grandpa Ray will be here too."

At Aunt Vicky's HouseEdit

[Ling hugs Grandma Sophie]

John, Josephine and Jett: (to Grandpa Ray) "Hello, stinky grandpa."

Christmas EveEdit


Writing letters to SantaEdit

[The children are writing letters to Santa Claus]

Josephine: "I want a Tickle Me Elmo and 112 toys."

Petunia: "112 toys? Josephine, sweetie, I don't think Santa will be able to stuff all of that into his sack."

Josephine: "Why not, mommy?"

Petunia: "Santa has a very small sack and can hold a limited amount of toys."

[We see Jett's list to Santa over 10 feet long]

Jett: "I want a pair of roller-skates, a NERF blaster gun, a new bike, a bucket of toy soldiers, a yo-yo, some LEGOs, a swimming pool, a stereo, a trampoline, a drum, a hula hoop...oh yes, and I want a train set and a..."


Time to Open Presents and Look in StockingsEdit

[Satoko looks in her stocking to find a couple of ballpoint pens, some Hershey's kisses, Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion, shower gel, nourishing hand cream and body cream]

[Satoko opens her presents to reveal a Fruit & Cheese Hamper basket, a yoga mat, Sensual Amber shower gel and body cream]

Satoko: "クール!" (Translated to: "Cool!")

[Yoshi looks in his stocking to find a gift card to Best Buy, a Nintendo 3TS XL, some Hershey's Kisses, Fennekin plush]

[Yoshi opens his presents to reveal a Ju-on: The Grudge DVD, a Stand By Me DVD, Pay it Forward DVD]

Yoshi: "素晴らしい!" (Translated to: "Amazing!")

[Hugo looks in his stocking to find some candy canes, some peppermint bark, Hershey's Kisses, chocolate covered pretzels and sugar cookies]

[Hugo opens his presents to reveal a Playstation 6 console, a Slumdog Millionaire DVD,an XBOX One and Family Guy Season 2 DVD]

Hugo: "Olé!"

[Ling looks in her stocking to find personalized M&M's, a gift card to a local movie theatre, some peppermint bark, candy canes]

[Ling opens her presents to reveal the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 DVDs, Nature's Picnic - Fruit Gift Basket, a My Sister's Keeper DVD and Sensual Amber shower gel and body lotion]

Ling: " "

[Akim looks in his stocking to find a Seedling Good Things for Boys kit, Brian's Song DVD and The Simpsons Season 1 DVD]

[Akim opens his presents to reveal a personalizable basketball hoop, a Nintendo Wii U, The Notebook DVD and Benji DVD]

Akim: " "

[Kim looks in her stocking to find some candy canes, a Clate Chalkboard manicure, mini ice cream sandwich press, Energy - Orange Ginger body cream, Dark Kiss body lotion, a Kate Spade New York 'skinny mini' bow stud earrings and a Timex modern easy reader watch]

[Kim opens her presents to reveal a white iPad 2, True Blue Spa Cracked Heel Treatment - Heel of Approval, Wild Honeysuckle body lotion and body cream, glamorous slip-ons from TOMS, a Nintendo Wii U and an 16 GB iPod Nano]

Kim: " "

[Kwang-Sun looks in his stocking to find a couple of ballpoint pens, some keychains, peppermint bark, a wallet and ]

[Kwang-Sun opens his presents to reveal a South Park Season 1 DVD, a Family Guy season 10 DVD, a Forrest Gump DVD, ]

Kwang-Sun: " "

[Ji-min looks in her stocking to find a sleep mask, Secret Wonderland body lotion, Laura Geller Beauty 'Bright Lips, Big City' Lip Pop Trio, an iPhone case and some chocolate Hershey's kisses]

[Ji-min opens her presents to reveal a digital camera, Silver heart monogram necklace, The Bucket List DVD, a camcorder]

Ji-min: " "

[Lucy looks in her stocking to find an Adele CD, Lemon body cream, Enchanted Orchid body lotion, a digital watch, an iPhone and an iPod Touch]

[Lucy opens her presents to reveal The Simpsons season 15 DVD, leopard skin rickshaw messenger bag, Disney/Pixar's Up Blu-Ray, Rainkissed Leaves shower gel]

Lucy: "This is great!"

[Matt looks in his stocking to find a pair of natural Monroe PANDA wood sunglasses, an iPhone cover, ]

[Matt opens his presents to reveal an XBOX Five, iPad 2 in black, a My Left Foot DVD, South Park Season 3 DVD]

Matt: " "

[Ania looks in her stocking to find some peppermint bark, Dancing Waters shower gel, a pair of shark earbuds, some mints, Black Raspberry Vanilla body lotion and body cream]

[Ania opens her presents to reveal a waffle maker, a soft pretzel maker, The Pursuit of Happiness DVD, Brown Sugar and Fig body lotion, shower gel and body cream]

Ania: " "

[Coco looks in her stocking to find some nuts, some fruits, Cherry Blossom body cream, some candy and some ballpoint pens]

[Coco opens her presents to reveal an iPad, and MP3 player, Coconut Vanilla body lotion, a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial DVD]

Coco: " "

[John, Josephine and Jett open their present to find a note from Santa saying, "Josephine, John and Jett, you three have been very naughty children this year. You menaced your adoptive siblings, flooded the house, ruined Kwang-Sun and Ji-min's 13th birthday, pulled cruel and hurtful pranks, tortured your mommy and daddy and said very bad words. Signed, Santa" in cursive]


Jett: "Why just a note?! I hate Christmas!"

John: "AND I DIDN'T GET THE STUFF I WANTED! Wait! Let's try the stockings! We hope that presents are still in!"

[John, Josephine and Jett look in their stockings only to find lumps of coal]

Josephine: "Coal? This can't be!"

John: "Aw...It never seems right."

Jett: (screaming at the top of his lungs: "WE WANT DIANA AND TREY'S PRESENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

John: " "

Josephine: " "

Jett: "Uh, oh! I hear mommy and daddy coming!"

[Petunia and Bryce step into the room]

Petunia: "You know what Josephine Clarissa, John Joshua and Jett Kevin?"

Bryce: "As you three have all been very bad and have been put on Santa Claus' Naughty List, you will forfeit your privilege of staying up on New Year's Eve. Besides, we called Santa Claus and told him to bring you coal instead of presents this year."


John: "I know, let's hurt our brothers and sisters!"

Josephine: "Yeah, we are so gonna kill them!"

Jett: "Coco's gone, she went out with her cousin!"

[Coco arrives back]

Coco: "I'm back, guys!"

[Josephine is seen with a hunting knife]

[John lashes out at Coco and stabs her]

[Jett laughs]

Cut to:

[Coco is bleeding]

Coco: "Help me, please! I'm bleeding!"

The Missing PresentsEdit

Cousin Diana: " "

Cousin Trey: " "

Christmas DinnerEdit


[The Williams Family arrive home]

[The furious Bryce leads the screaming, howling, crying, screeching and bawling triplets into their house and upstairs]

[The furious Petunia hands Bryce, Satoko and Yoshi a cardboard box each]

Yoshi: "What is going on?"

Satoko: "Are we moving away?"

Petunia: "No, no, not that. You two will help me and your father to put those decorations away, because the triplets have ruined Christmas for everyone."

Jett: "WHAT?!!!"

[Petunia grabs herself a cardboard box]


Jett: "YEAH!"


[The Birthday decorations set up for Josephine, John and Jett are still there]

[Bryce yanks down the birthday banners]

[Satoko helps out]

[Yoshi puts the birthday things away]

[Petunia furiously shoves the decorations into the box]

[Jett beats Petunia with a baseball bat]

Jett: "I hate you, and wish you were dead!"

[Jett hits Bryce in the head with a baseball bat]

Cut to:

[Bryce dials a number on his cell phone to Military School in Alabama]

???: "Hello?"

Bryce: "My name is Bryce Williams and I'd like to enroll my triplet children into your school."

Sgt. Melissa Patrick: "How old are they?"

Bryce: "They are all five years old."

Sgt. Melissa Patrick: " "

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