Jo Frost-11-18-11

For the first time ever, Jo heads off to Sydney, AUS to help her biggest family to date. Paul (52) and Karen Wilde (48) have raised over two-hundred foster children, while having nine biological children of their own. In addition to their big family, they have four grandchildren. Their biological kids are: Alexis (27), Mary (24), Christian (20), Nathan (18), Krystal (17), Rachel (14) and triplets Lincoln, Leanne and Lucas (all 12). Their grandchildren are Cameron (4), Heather (3), Lucy (2) and Jonathan (9 months old). Cameron and Lucy are Alexis's children, Heather is Mary's daughter and Jonathan is Christian's son.

Paul and Karen are struggling to maintain control of the four youngest children. Rachel is always constantly on the cell phone and refusing to do her homework, while the triplets fight with each other by being violent and spitting at each other. Can Jo help this family out?

Discipline techniques used: Lose What You Like Chart, Calm Down Zone (for the older children minus Alexis, Mary and Christian) and Thinking Pond (for the grandchildren)

Other techniques used: Homework Area, Sweethearts Technique, Chore Chart, Managed Play Technique and Sea Reward Chart