[A montage plays showing Samuel snatching Reicheru's 3DS, Sophie the Otter's Odella Otter CDs, Another Giuseppe's book about WWII, Another Reicheru's katana, Marilou the Otter's Strawberry Shortcake doll, and Catherine the Spellcaster's book of spells]

[Samuel snickers and places the items in a backpack and runs away from the headquarters as far as possible]

[Cut to: The Theory team]

Reicheru: "I feel like I wanna play Pokémon X and Y on my 3DS."

Sophie: "And I want to listen to my favorite songs from Odella Otter."

Another Giuseppe: "I should get into more detail of WWII. So I need the book about it."

Another Reicheru: "" (Translation: "I should practice my katana skills. I am gonna do target tests.")

Marilou the Otter: "I'll see my Strawberry Shortcake doll and know how she's feeling today."

Catherine the Spellcaster: "And I must recite my spells! I need to be the useful commander I already am!"

[They try looking for their possessions, but to no avail]

Reicheru: "Hey! Where did my 3DS go? Godd***it!"

Sophie: "What happened to my CD's? They're missing!"

Another Giuseppe: "My god! I can't find my book!"

Another Reicheru: "" (Translation: "Cr**! The katana is gone too!")

Marilou: (cries) "Strawberry Shortcake's gone forever!"

Catherine: "And my book of spells has suddenly vanished!"

[Nicole appears]

Nicole: "Whatever we do, we must track down the thief!"

Running for Miles and MilesEdit


[Nicole leaps up to the branch Samuel is on and grabs him by the tail]

Nicole: "I got you now, Samuel."

Samuel: "HEY! Let me go, you b****!"

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