Wicked Chantelle is a song performed by the Funny Five (minus Planktonine) in Supernanny: The Theory of Time. This song was created to celebrate the defeat of Chantelle McGregor, the main villain in the game along with other bosses. It could be to the tune of the Bubble Bobble arcade in-game music. It was also on the music CD The Best of Supernanny: The Theory.



[The four play their own instruments]

Nicole: "The defeat of Chantelle is a huge success."

Plankton: "So we're able to seize the enemies and really tried our best."

Sophie the Otter: "We are the Funny Four and we think that Chantelle is wicked, too!"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Now we did it in few simple steps and we have made it through!"

Nicole: "Wicked Chantelle,"

Plankton, Sophie, and Catherine: "Wicked Chantelle,"

Catherine the Spellcaster: "Should go to h***!"

Nicole. Sophie, and Plankton: "Should go to h***!"

Sophie the Otter: "She's not too well!"

Nicole, Plankton, and Catherine: "She's not too well!"

Plankton: "That rings a bell!"

Nicole, Sophie, and Catherine: "That rings a bell."

[The four play their respective instruments for 10 seconds]

Freak Foor VersionEdit

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