Why Anime And Manga Are So Awesome: Shounen and Seinen is a book by Satoko Samo, where she talks about her favorite manga, and anime, like the Shojo and Josei counterpart, it is split into 20 Chapters, 10 shounen and 10 seinen, unlike anything else where Satoko stars in, it was translated into English, Spanish, French, etc. alongside the other books. Sophie offerred Satoko her book after rescuing her and Toshio from Kazuki Samo in Sophie the Otter: Tough Girl.

List of chaptersEdit


  1. Dragon Ball Z
  2. Naruto
  3. Bleach
  4. Toriko
  5. Rave Master
  6. One Piece
  7. Fairy Tail
  8. Death Note
  9. Yu-Gi-Oh!
  10. Soul Eater

Seinen Edit

  1. Hetalia: Axis Powers
  2. AKIRA
  3. Corpse Party: Musume
  4. Battle Club
  5. High School Girls
  7. Ghost In the Shell
  8. Blade of the Immortal
  9. Another
  10. Black Bullet


  • This was Satoko's best-selling book.


"ヘタリア:枢軸国、それは第2次世界大戦で設定しますが、暴力的ではないですよ、実際に、それはかなり面白いです、あなたは格好良い男はぐちゃぐちゃと男として日本、ドイツ、イタリアを取得し、それはほど****面白い****" (Translation: Hetalia: Axis Powers, it's set in World War 2, but isn't violent, actually, it's pretty funny, you get Japan, Germany, and Italy as good-looking guys messing about and man, it's so **** funny)


The book received positive reviews from Japanese and American critics, it received negative reviews from the people at Gadadhara Bobbalu School and the Todaro siblings, Kazuki Samo wrote "YOU READ TOSHIO HETALIA AND AKIRA?!"

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