In this episode, Jo visits Burlington, Vermont to meet Richard (37) and Raynella Whedbee (34), who are in desperate need to take back control of their unruly 4-year-old fraternal nonuplets, Adele, Amy, Dionne, Dante, Yesenia, Dixie, Lynn, Jocelyn and Renee, and 3-year-old identical quintuplets, Blake, Sean, Lee, Craig and Rusty. Those quintuplets and nonuplets act odd around the clock and do all sorts of stuff, such as peeing on the furniture, coloring on the walls, pushing each other, swearing, throwing things, ruining holidays and special occasions, bullying kids at the park, and acting up in public, which makes the oldest, who is well-behaved, Marni (10) feel left out due to her younger siblings' behavior. Can Jo tame these tiny terrors?

Discipline Techniques used: Naughty Stool (for Adele, Amy, Dante, Dionne, Dixie, Jocelyn, Lynn, Renee and Yesenia), Naughty Pit (for Blake, Craig, Lee, Rusty and Sean)

Techniques Used: Thought Box (for Marni), Roaming Technique, Safari Reward Chart, Green Smoothie

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