We Will Miss You, Pakton-San (JP: Forgiving Funeral) is an episode of Supernanny: The Theory Animated. It airs on New Year's Day 2015 on Adult Swim in the US and Teletoon at Night in Canada.


Two days shy of turning 90, Eric Pakton had been shot by Jonathan Woods after a conflict. The Terrific 10 Team hosts a funeral for Pakton's death. Meanwhile, a few hours after the funeral, Eric Pakton reappears and experiences his first time as a ghost and begins to hold a grudge on Jonathan for causing the death, much to Jonathan's dismay.


  • Eric Pakton
  • Jonathan Woods
  • Jackie Pakton
  • Ryo Pakton


  • This is the first time in a Theory Animated episode where a character dies and reappears as a ghost.

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