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Observation begins Edit

[Annie rings the doorbell]

[Kade opens the door]

Annie: "Hello."

Kade: "Hi, Annie! Come on in!"

[Annie notices Oneida putting on eyeliner with her feet]

Annie: "What are you doing?"

Carolyn: "Oneida has a severe stiffness in her arms, so she uses her legs instead."

Annie: "I see."

[Olivia is seen hitting herself in the face with her own foot, making fun of Oneida]

Carolyn: "Olivia, "

Oneida's Feet Edit

[We see a video camera in front of Oneida]

Oneida: "Hi, guys. I'm going to show you what I can do with my feet. But first, to show proof on how talented they are, I'm going to wiggle my toes.

[Oneida starts wiggling her toes in front of the camera]

[Oneida starts writing on the mirror, brushing her teeth, brushing her hair, putting on eyeliner, making a salad, switching the channels on TV and even driving with her feet]

Naughty Bed Edit

Oliver: "Doing everything with your feet? Oneida is f***ing stupid!"

Olivia: "Yeah! No wonder she's blonde!"

Saxon: "Oneida! The twins are making fun of you!"

[Oneida picks up the twins in each foot and brings them to the naughty Bed]

Oneida: "You are here because you made fun of the stiffness in my arms."

2 minutes later

[Oliver & Olivia sneak out of the bedroom]

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