This is the first episode where Jo makes a revisit with a family who's lost a relative after Jo left and Jo came back. In this episode, 16 years later, and 18 seasons more, Jo returns to the Wailems Family to see how they are doing. George was battling esophageal cancer six months ago and passed away afterward, dead at the age of 55 (passed away about 14 weeks after diagnosis). Therefore one month ago, Sandra was married to Allan Calment. Regardless, Sandra and Allan don't have to look after Kyle and Lola. They are now well-behaved, and are on their final years of community college, and are married and have kids, but their adopted sister Fernanda (aged 12 and born in Spain) is now causing mayhem in the household.

Kyle is married to Marie-Louise Bruening, who is 22. Together, they have 3 daughters, Chandler (3), Alison (2), and Josephine (1). Chandler causes mayhem.

Lola is married to Walter Garcia who is now 25. They have four children who cause mayhem, who are 3-year old fraternal quadruplets: Garret, Taylor, Sienna, and Reginald.

Sandra is now 47 years old, Kyle is now 23 years old, Lola is now 21 years old. Allan Calment is 50 years old.

Discipline technique used: Calm Down Zone, Lose What You Like Chart and Get What You Hate Chart


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