Volcano is the second world in Supernanny: The Theory of Nicole and Supernanny: The Theory International and the tenth in Supernanny: The Theory 2 and fourth in Supernanny: The Theory of Time. It consists of three stages in the original like the other worlds and six in the sequel. It mainly takes place inside a volcano, where there are lava pits that act as obstacles. Its difficulty is quite average. It's less hard in the original than in the sequel. The exterior volcano has a formation resembling a tiki-like face with lava that can flow out of the two holes representing the eyes.Though this is impossible for a real life volcano since it is a game.There is also an opening that gives the heroes access to the interior. Its boss in the original is Sharpay Finster who kidnapped Jo Frost and Sam Remano who kidnapped Mike Ruggles in the sequel.


The volcano

Enemies in this WorldEdit

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