Note: This is not a real article. The real page for this title may be called "Vokizima Family". This is to show how this article is made incorrectly.


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What Is Wrong With This Episode?Edit

First of all, fanon season 500 is not a real season, or may not even exist. Second of all, "Fzzfz" is not a real name. There are no naming suggestions for it. Third of all, there are no place suggestions for "Foo Fizowfda" or "Keodasxz". Fourth of all, the title should be "Vokizima Family", not "Vokizima Vhamelee". Fifth of all, the ages are not real ages, since the oldest verified living person is Jeanne Calment, who lived to 122 in France. The oldest mother was 70 years old when she got her baby, as the fake couple is rumored to have a 20-year old child, who misbehaves. Sixth of all, there are no spelling suggestions for "Zrrzr". Finally, there are abusive techniques. Those are VERY techniques, and spankings (Naughty mace, void, and spoon). Naughty Void and Naughty Spoon are not real techniques. And there are no categories. If anybody made a real episode like that, they would get a warning. If they constantly make episodes like that, they would be blocked for a long time, or permanently.

Spelling Correction GuessEdit

The Vokizima Family is a fanon season 500 episode. (not even a name) visits Fuel Fisowder, Cuotazz. Helping a 200-year old father and a 300-year old mother with (not even a name), age 20, who misbehaves. The discipline techniques are spankings, and VERY Naughty Mace, and VERY Naughty Void, and VERY Naughty Spoon.

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