In this episode, Kimberley heads to Providence to help single mother Amber Vertes (41) and her four daughters, Lucy (14), Aurora (12), Chantelle (9) and Michelle (8). While Lucy and Chantelle are well-behaved, Aurora and Michelle aren't. Aurora has started smoking and answering back to her mother, while Michelle has never slept a night in her bed, preferring to sleep with her mother. Will Kimberley tackle these issues before it's too late?

Discipline TechniquesEdit

  • Naughty Tuffet (for Aurora)
  • Naughty Triangle (for Michelle)
  • Lose What You Like Chart (for both)

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Family Time
  • Thought Box (for Lucy and Chantelle)
  • Reward Chart
  • Chore Buddy System
  • Cigarette Disposal
  • Stay in Bed
  • Trust Technique
  • Friends Technique

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