Submission ReelEdit

Hunter: "Aloha! We are the Verdin Ohana! I'm Hunter, age 39, and my wife Angelica, age 37, never speaks English."

Angelica: "Mi hijo mayor, Orlando, antes del 16 sel ha convertido en un tercer padre de mis otros hijos." (Translation: "My eldest son, Orlando, by 16, has become a third parent to my other sons.")

Hunter: "My other sons, Tyler who is 12, Harold who is 9, and Parker who is 6, curse like sailors."

Harold: "(bleep) off!"

Parker: "No, you (bleep) off!"

Tyler: "Mother(bleep)er!"

Hunter: "And they fight a lot."

Verdin Ohana IssuesEdit

Harold: "Shut up you, (bleep)ing idiot!"

Hunter: "My wife is currently pregnant with an upcoming daughter, and I fear that the boys would make their upcoming sister's life a nightmare for her."

Parker: "You're lolo, wahine!"

[Orlando is in the kitchen washing the dishes]

Tyler: "IDIOT!"

Parent MeetingEdit

House RulesEdit

Jo: "I'd like to introduce the Verdin Ohana Rules: Number one, no swearing."

Reflection Room TimeEdit

Angelica: "Harold, no me gusta que con ese tipo de lenguaje. Esta es su advertencia, señor. Si haces eso otra vez, entonces es tu trasero en la Sala de Reflexión de nueve minutos. (Translated: Harold, I do not appreciate you using that kind of language. This is your warning, mister. If you do that again, then it's your butt in the Reflection Room for nine minutes.)"

Harold: "Get, lost you stupid (beep)!"

Jo: "Take him by the hand, Angelica,"

Angelica: "Está bien, lo que alertó sobre toma de posesión, ahora tienes que ir a sentarse en la Sala de Reflexión de nueve minutos. Vamos, (Translated: All right, I warned you about swearing, now you gotta go sit in the Reflection Room for nine minutes. Let's go,)"

[Angelica takes Harold into the Reflection Room]

Harold: "Let me go you, filthy animal!"

Angelica: "Usted fue allí porque el lenguaje que estaba usando era inapropiado. Usted tiene que permanecer aquí durante 9 minutos, el hombre joven. (Translated: You were in there because the language you were using was inappropriate. You have to stay here for 9 minutes, young man.)"

[Angelica leaves the room and confiscates his Angry Birds King Pig plush toy by placing it into the "Toy Jail for Harold" box]


Angelica: "Usted recibirá (long bleep) de nuevo si te portas bien para el resto del día." (Translated to: You will get that **** back if you behave yourself for the rest of the day.)

Harold: "Quit speaking you, (bleep)ing idiot!"

Angelica: "Bueno, son terribles en hablar español." (Translated to: Well, you are terrible at speaking Spanish.)



Time to say AlohaEdit

Ohana UpdateEdit

Harold: "Mahalo, Jo-Jo."

Parker: "Aloha Au la 'Oe, Jo-Jo."

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