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Van Houten Family
Season 12, Episode 14
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In this episode, Jo heads to Jersey City to help a single mother take back control of her three wild children. Deborah Van Houten (42) is struggling to maintain her house and working seven days a week, and her matters aren't helped by her misbehaving children. Fraternal twin daughters Leesa and Lauren (both 9) refuse to go to bed at a decent hour and lash out at their mother for not being there with them, while son PJ (5) refuses to eat any vegetables and kicks up a huge fuss at dinnertime. Can Jo help Deborah take back control?

Naughty Platform

Discipline techniques used: Calm Down Zone (for Leesa and Lauren) and Naughty Platform (for PJ)

Other techniques used: Mommy & Me, Chore Chart, Stay in Bed and Good Eater

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