In this episode, Jo heads off to Las Vegas, Nevada to help out a family whose youngest child has Type 1 Diabetes. Marc (38) and Nina (35) have 4 children: Buffy (9 1/2), Clove (7), Sage (5), Wolf (4). Wolf has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 6 months ago, and he does not understand his disease very well. He refuses to eat, he throws a tantrum, he screams, kicks, uses bad language, hits, throws things, and even breaks things. Wolf's refusal to eat puts his health at risk, and that scares Nina, since she has already lost her mother to Type 1 Diabetes. Sage and Clove scream, pinch, bite, swear, and fight. Buffy is the only child who is well-behaved, but sometimes she feels left out. Can Jo manage to save this family or will she go bust?

Discipline Techniques used: Naughty Square (for Sage and Wolf), Naughty Room (for Clove), Pirate Reward Chart

Other Techniques Used: Thought Box (for Buffy), Good Eater (for Wolf)