Welcome to the second voting program of the SN fanon wiki. Its rules and layout are the same as the Crazy Character Voting program, but this time it focuses on SN-related video games. Put your lists in the comments section and I will record the amount of requests for each video game. You have to make not one, but two separate lists: Positive and Negative.  The second voting episode will begin on 5:00 PM EST on November 26th, 2013 for users other than the runner of the program (PB&Jotterisnumber1), who always votes first to start a new episode and so on.

The following games you can vote on:


  • Supernanny: The Theory series (first 8 games) ~ 2 requests
  • Supernanny Monopoly: Electronic Banking series
  • Supernanny Party (first 3 games) ~ 2 requests
  • Supernanny Racing
  • Reicheru the Yokai Spirit: Abusive Fall, Concerned Rise
  • Sophie the Otter: Tough Girl
  • Theory Smash Brawl
  • Nerima Anime Rush
  • Reicheru vs. Alessandro (Reicheru version)
  • Kodomo Kara no Sasayaki: Evil Whisper
  • Gemma's Super Fun Game ~ 1 Request
  • Toshio Samo: Shadow and Light Curse


  • Ji woong's Exam Challenge series (first 6 games)
  • Reicheru's Cage
  • Reicheru's Net
  • Reicheru's Cell
  • Reicheruthlon Party
  • TodaroQuest
  • Giuseppe's Monster Plane
  • Todaro Warehouse Blast
  • Reicheru vs. Alessandro (Alessandro version)

Here is a scoring chart sample based on each position of the game on your 2 lists:

  1. 1 ~ 11.5 points
  2. 1 ~ 11.5 points
  3. 3 ~ 9 points
  4. 3 ~ 9 points
  5. 3 ~ 9 points
  6. 6 ~ 7 points
  7. 7 ~ 6 points
  8. 8 ~ 4 points
  9. 8 ~ 4 points
  10. 8 ~ 4 points
  11. 11 ~ 2 points
  12. 12 ~ 1 point

Enter your video game(s) in the form of a numbered list, and you can enter your opinion as well:

  1. Reicheru the Yokai Spirit: Abusive Fall, Concerned Rise ~ AWESOME SPINOFF! WOOT!
  2. Supernanny: The Theory 8 ~ Meh, it's alright.
  3. Nerima Anime Rush ~ Cool!


  1. You can only submit your list once an episode. If you make a new version of your list during an episode period if you already did, then it will be deleted.
  2. Only vote for ones that are listed on this blogpost.
  3. Don't repeat an item in your list, otherwise the repeated item won't count.
  4. Do not edit your list for the duration of the episode unless you want to add your opinions or change spelling errors.

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