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Before the Revolving Line of CreditsEdit

Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny...Jo sets sail to Hawaii on a rescue mission."

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "Here I am in Honolulu, Hawaii ready to help another family. Let's take a look and find out who we got."

???: "Aloha! We're the Underwood Ohana! I'm Aletona and this is my wife, Alani."

Alani: "My husband and I own a Coffeshop. We also have six daughters, Lilikoi who is 6, Wehilani who is 5, twins Pua and Rosabela who are 4, Ka'ohu who is 3, and our youngest, Kaheka who is 6 months old."

Aletona: "The trouble with our daughters is, they are not very adventurous eaters. They'd rather snack on junk food all day long."

[Pua and Rosabela scarf down some Almond Joy, Haupia, Sno-Balls and Macademia M&M'S]

[Wehilani slurps up strawberry milk]

[Ka'ohu munches on some cookies and candy]

[Lilikoi laps up some snack pudding]

Jo: "My word, I've never seen such rubbish!"

Alani: "Ka'ohu, Rosabela and Pua strip off their clothes in public."

[Ka'ohu and the twins run across the beach naked]

Alani: "Ugh, girls!"

Jo: "Oh, my word!"

Aloha, Underwood OhanaEdit

Alani: "Aloha kakahiaka." (Translations: "Good morning.")

Underwood Ohana IssuesEdit

Parent MeetingEdit

Ohana RulesEdit



Luau DinnerEdit

Snack Jar TechniqueEdit

DVD MeetingEdit


Aloha oe, Jo-JoEdit

Ohana UpdateEdit

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