Two Women of Different Tastes is a fanfic created by Japanlover86. The story takes place after the Team Fortress 2 World Competition.

Chapter 1Edit

Satoko Samo and Stacie Todaro were women with different tastes

Satoko liked fine Japanese foods than the "fata** foods" That made her turned her back, she much referred goth t-shirts, midriff tanktops, usually black, and Japan flag capes

Stacie was different

She liked scones. KFC like her brother, much referred revealing clothing, midriff shirts. And shirts with rude things on them

They argued alot, usually about clothes, Satoko's laptop, and ,amy other things, Such as Japan's victory in the Team Fortress 2 World Competition, Satoko, who played as the RED Team's Sniper won hiding, and using the RED Team's Spy, whom her friend Moriko controlled to watch from the front so she didn't get killed from behind while shooting

They hated eachother, and it went on....

Chapter 2Edit

" (What were they thinking letting you and your stupid brothers and cousins in the tourament? You suck at playing other classes except the Spy, and you're even mediocre at that!)" Satoko smirked

"SAY THAT AT MY FACE AGAIN! B****!" Stacie hissed at the Japanese woman

" (No really, you suck, you use Cloak and Dagger at the wrong times, Let yourself get killed by me, and nearly got hurt by a Level 1 Sentry, my god, you suck!)" Satoko said calmly

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