Two Parents and a Bunch of Down Under Kids! is a sketch-comedy YouTube show starring Dan and Lauren Powney and their 16 children who were adopted from some of the countries in Oceania, Aisea from Tonga, Justine from Niue, Anju from Marshall Islands, Francis from Solomon Islands, Yoshua from Vanuatu, Jake from Nauru, Zoe from New Zealand, Lydie from New Caledonia, Ele from Samoa, Anna-Denise from Australia, Precious from Norfolk Island, Hong from Kiribati, Mason from Fiji, Okilani from Tuvalu, Dexjo from Papua New Guinea and George from Cook Islands.

The opening theme is the Australian national anthem, the ending theme is some digeridoo music.


Episode GuideEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. Pilot (G'day Bradford!)
  2. It's Our First Ever Show!
  3. It's Our First Ever Night!
  4. The First Day of School
  5. It's Francis' First Ever Date!
  6. Parents and Teachers
  7. Into the Woods
  8. The Baker's Dozen
  9. French Lessons
  10. It's Our First Ever Draw My Life!: Precious

Season 2Edit

  1. It's Our First Ever Anniversary Show!
  2. Draw My Life: Jake
  3. G'day, G'day, Yum Yum!
  4. It's Our First Ever Christmas Show!

Season 3Edit

  1. Draw My Life: Zoe

Season 4Edit

Season 5Edit

Season 6Edit



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