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Announcer: "Tonight on Supernanny..."

Sherice: "Y'all better cut it out, right now!"

Announcer: "Mari Fong visits the Turney Family."

Naomi: "Bite me, LaShawn!"

LaShawn: "Go f*** yourself!"

Sherice: "Hey!"

Announcer: "These girls not only fight, but they yell at their mother and have no respect for their property."

LaShawn: "I'll go ghetto on yo [bleep], [bleep]!"

Sherice: "You done, LaShawn!"

Naomi: [yelling] "I DIDN'T DO IT!"

Sherice: "Don't speak to me in that tone!"

Announcer: "Mom is at breaking point."

[Sherice is crying]

Sherice: "They told me I have to leave the house in two months."

Announcer: "Will Mari be able to turn things around?"

Mari: [to LaShawn] "I will not stand by and watch you speak to your mother like that!"

Announcer: "Or will things get even worse?"

LaShawn: "[bleep]!"

Sherice: "Stop flappin' your gums!"

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