• Tommy and Mary-Kate's favorite bedtime story is Good Night Moon
  • Luther's favorite summertime activity is fishing
  • Jacob and Max like to watch Pokemon Black and White
  • Chip was abandoned by his teenage mother as a newborn
  • Gabriella's favorite book is Curious George Flies a Kite by Margaret and H.A. Rey
  • Oakley was physically abused by her biological parents at the age of 18 months
  • Cody was a victim of child abuse at the age of 2
  • Romero's favorite color is orange
  • Ike was abandoned by his teenage mother when he was 3 months old
  • Troy's biological mother abandoned him when he was a week month old
  • Madeleine, Erica, Kadyn, and Alexia's favorite TV programs are Curious George on PBS Kids and Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr.
  • Jasper's least favorite school subject is math
  • Katie's favorite school subject is Spanish
  • Tea's favorite color is gold
  • Tom's favorite hobby is skateboarding
  • Max is allergic to meat

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