Turner Family is a Fanon Fifth season episode of Supernanny. Jo Frost visits Cazadero, California to meet the Turners. Terrance, age 34 and Veronica, age 29, are full-time foster parents raising foster children, including 7-year-old twins, Jacob and Max; 11-year-old Luther, 12-year-old Katie, 2-week-old Chip, 3-year-old Oakley, 2-year-old quadruplets Kadyn, Madeleine, Erica, and Alexa; 10-year-old Tom, 10-month-old twins, Tommy and Mary-Kate; 17-month-old Gabriella, 4-year-old Oliver, 8-year-old Tea, 9-year-old Jasper, 5-year-old Romero, 11-month-old Ike, 6-month-old Troy, and 6-year-old Cody. However, being foster parents can be a real nightmare when the foster children start acting up in the Turner household. The kids (except for the babies) rough-house, they burp, swear, throw toys at each other, call each other names, destroy furniture, scream, yell, and fight. One night, according to Jessie McCallister, the social worker, Katie used to be physically and sexually abused by her father before she and her quadruplet sisters Kadyn, Madeleine, Erica, and Alexia came into foster care, and they still cannot escape the horrors of their past. The quadruplets, Oliver, Romero, Oakley, and Cody run into the street, pee on the furniture, demand a sugar-packed diet, throw toys and tantrums, bite, hit, scream, and spit. This episode marks an issue on the Baby Log,the Naughty Pit, the Reflection Room and the Naughty Platform.


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