Before the Revolving Line of CreditEdit

Submission ReelEdit

Jo: "So here I am at Leigh-on-Sea, in Essex ready to help a single mother. Let's take a look."

Arriving at the Tuckson HouseholdEdit

June's Sweet 16 Birthday Party Disaster FailEdit

Jo: "Later on in the day, June had a Sweet 16 Birthday Party with a masquerade theme, and she invited all her friends from summer camp and the volleyball team."

June: "April, May, Isabella, Lynn, Stacey, Amy, Sammie, Martina, Patti, hi! Come on in!"

Calm Down ZoneEdit

Jo: "Later on, Candice decided that she finished her homework. Pauline said she had to do three pages, and Candice only did one."

Pauline: "Candice, you still need to finish two more pages of your math homework."

Candice: "I needed a break."

Pauline: "Your math homework is due tomorrow. You need to finish it now or else you will fail school."

Candice: "And I said I was TAKING A BREAK, YOU COW!!!"

Jo: (to Pauline) "The way she's speaking to you right now is really rude. So, I would like you to give Candice a warning."

Pauline: "Candice Winifred Tuckson, this is your warning. Either you get on the ball and finish your math homework or your going to go sit in the Calm Down Zone."

[Candice throws the math homework sheets at Pauline]

Jo: "Take her straight to the Calm Down Zone and explain why she's there."

[Pauline takes Candice to the Calm Down Zone]

Pauline: "You are in the Calm Down Zone because you were talking back to me and you threw your homework sheets at me. Now you stay here until I come for you."

[Pauline and Jo leave the room]

Jo: "However, Candice wasn't giving up without a fight."

[Candice escapes the Calm Down Zone]

Pauline: "Get back here this instant or you will not be going to the movies with your friends this Friday!"

Candice: "No!"

[Pauline takes Candice back to the Calm Down Zone without saying anything]

Jo: "As Pauline put Candice back in the Calm Down Zone, Sarah decided to kick June."

[Sarah kicks June]

June: "Ouch!"

Pauline: "Sarah Nicole Tuckson! Come here please."

Jo: *to Pauline* "Don't tell her to come to you. You go over to her and give her a warning. She just kicked her sister."

Pauline: "Sarah, this is your warning. If you hurt your sister again, it's off to the Calm Down Zone. Do you understand?"

[Sarah kicks Pauline]

Pauline: "Right, you can go to the Calm Down Zone."

Pauline: "Since Candice was doing her time out, I had to find another Calm Down Zone to place Sarah in."

Pauline: "You do not kick anyone. It's not nice. Now stay here for 12 minutes."

[Pauline leaves]

Jo: "Sarah stayed in the Calm Down Zone for the 12 minutes, but Candice kept escaping."

Pauline: "Sarah, I would like you to apologise for kicking June and for kicking me."

Sarah: "Sorry Mum. Sorry June."

Pauline: I accept your apology.

[Sarah hugs Pauline and June]

[Candice races into the kitchen]

Pauline: "Candice, get back in the Calm Down Zone!"

Jo: "Don't say anything to her. Just place her back."

[Pauline takes Candice back to the Calm Down Zone]

Candice: "I'm leaving!"

[Candice escapes through the front door]

Jo: "She's out the front. Go get her."

[Pauline takes Candice back to the Calm Down Zone without saying anything]

Candice: "IDIOT!"

Jo: "Ignore her and walk out."

Family Test RunEdit

Jo: "I'm going away for a few days to see how the Pauline goes without me, but little does she know I'll be watching her."

[Pauline and the girls are having dinner.]

Candice: "I'm not eating this!" (pushes her plate aside)

Pauline: "Candice, I need you to eat at least three pieces of steak. If after 30 minutes you don't eat your dinner, I'll take the plate away and you'll be having nothing else and you'll also miss out on tonight's activity. Is that clear?"

(Candice begrudingly eats a piece of steak.)

Candice: "THERE! I'M DONE!"

Pauline: "That tone is not necessary and you've still got to eat two more pieces. Don't be stubborn."

Jo: "Where was the warning, Mum?"

[30 minutes later]

Pauline: "Right, Candice. Since you didn't eat two pieces of your steak, you'll be missing out on tonight's activity."

Candice: "That's bullocks!"

Pauline: "Those are the rules, Candice. Go to your room, now."

[Candice starts to cry]

Candice: "You're mean!"

Pauline: "No, I'm not mean Candice."

Jo: "You're getting into a debate. Just follow through with your decision."

Pauline: "You'll be going to bed."

[Candice storms over to Pauline and smacks her across the back]

Pauline: "THAT WASN'T NICE!!!"



[Candice starts kicking the cabinet door while crying]

Pauline: "Are you kidding me right now? You're going to break the cabinet door because things aren't going your way?"

[Candice then kicks Pauline multiple times]


Jo: "Candice got you wound up again Mum and look at the end result."

[Cut to Pauline, Sarah and June giving themselves makeovers]

Candice: "Mummy?"

Pauline: "It's bedtime, Candice."

Candice: "I want a makeover too!"

Pauline: "Because you didn't eat your dinner, you are exculded from this activity."

[Candice bursts into tears]

Pauline: "Come on, let's go to bed."


Pauline: "Candice, I need you to calm down and take a deep breath."

Candice: "YOU DON'T LOVE ME ANYMORE!! (resumes crying)

Pauline: "When Candice said that, my heart just broke."


Pauline: "That is not true, Candice!"


[Candice runs into her bedroom crying]

Jo: "That was tough."

[Pauline sits on the stairs and starts sobbing]

Announcer: "The next morning, Candice is still upset about what happened the night before."

Pauline: "Are you seriously giving me the silent treatment?"

Candice: "Because you WOULDN'T let me have a makeover with my sisters!"

Pauline: "Don't talk to me like that, Candice."

Candice: "You stink!"

Pauline: "DON'T talk to me like that! How dare you!"

Candice: "Well, I wanted a makeover with my sisters and you didn't GET ME ONE!!!"

[Candice throws the spoon at Pauline]

Pauline: "THIS is your warning! If you continue behaving like a stroppy little cow, I'm SERIOUSLY putting you in the Calm Down Zone."

Jo: "A 'stroppy little cow'?! Mum, that wasn't necessary!"

Candice: *taunting* "Mum smells like cat's (bleep)!"

Pauline: "Right. That's it. Calm Down Zone for you."

[Pauline takes Candice to the Calm Down Zone]

Pauline: "And you can stay there until you calm down!"

[Pauline walks away]

Announcer: "As the week without Supernanny continues, Pauline's patience is continued to be tested."

Pauline: "Candice, I asked you to put the dolls away."

Candice: "Let go of my dolls! I'm playing with them!"

Pauline: "If you don't put the dolls away, you're going into the Calm Down Zone!"

Candice: "Bite me!"

[Candice throws the dolls at Pauline]

Pauline: "That's it. Calm Down Zone. Let's go!"

[Cut to Candice in the Calm Down Zone]

Pauline: "You will be here for 6 minutes because you didn't put the dolls away and instead threw them at me, which wasn't very nice. So, I'll be confiscating them for the rest of the day."

Candice: "No." *starts to cry*

Pauline: "I'm sorry, but-"

Jo: "Don't apologize for giving your daughter a consequence."


[6 minutes later]

Pauline: "I'd like you to apologize for your behavior."

Candice: "Sorry!"

Pauline: "That wasn't a proper apology. Please say it like you mean it."

Candice: (sarcastically) "I'm very, very sorry, and I won't do it again!"

Pauline: "I am still not accepting your apology because the first few ways you tried to apologize were not sincere."


Pauline: "Don't yell!"

[Pauline leaves the room]

Announcer: "It's not long before Pauline's patience is tested once more."

[Sarah hits June]

June: "Ouch!"

Pauline: "Sarah, did you hit June?"

Sarah: "She took my pen."

Pauline: "You don't hit your sister. You need to share things as well."

Sarah: "You're right, Mum. I'm sorry, June."

[June and Sarah hug]

Pauline: "I don't understand it. Sarah is trying her hardest to behave, but Candice has gotten worse since Jo left. I just don't know if it's me or Candice is trying to test me."

Announcer: "By the end of the week, Pauline's patience is beginning to wear thin."

Pauline: "Candice, I want you to do your homework."

Candice: "I want to play with Melanie."

Pauline: "Not until you do your homework, young lady."

[Candice opens the front door]

Pauline: "Candice, I swear to God if you go out that front door, I'm sending you to the Calm Down Zone."

[Candice goes outside]

Pauline: "Candice, IN!"

Candice: "No!"

[Pauline takes Candice to the Calm Down Zone]

Pauline: "I asked you not to go out the front door because you had to do your homework. Stay for 6 minutes."

Candice: "[bleep] OFF!"

Pauline: "I'll tell you what? If you keep going, I'll be confiscating your pocket money for a month. How's that?!"

Candice: "I said [bleep] OFF!"

Pauline: "You know what? You are a selfish, inconsiderate little brat!"

Candice: "I don't care what you think, old woman!"

Pauline: "If you continue to say hurtful things to me, I'll be adding another 6 minutes into your timeout!"

DVD MeetingEdit