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In this Fanon Season 29 Episode,  Molly O'Bree goes to New York, New York to help Mary (54) and Tony (54) with 12 children of their own. 

Names of Children

  • Megan (25) - Well behaved, married to Jonathan O'Brien and works as a teacher.
  • Jack (20) - Well behaved, still in college.
  • Gabrielle (18) - Well behaved
  • Melissa (15) - She swears and plays violent video games
  • Ashley (12) - She refuses to do her homework but well behaved
  • Ryan (10) - Well-behaved, but diagnosed with ADHD.
  • Alicia (7) - She throws tantrums when things don't go her way but other than that she apologizes to her parents and is well behaved
  • Twins Julie and Marie (5) - They are very spoiled and dominant but other than that they are well behaved
  • Andrew (3) - He has the same brain mixed with Kwang-Sun from the Jamie Family
  • Winona (2) - She pushes her siblings around
  • Kerry (1) - He is well-behaved and has no bedtime routine


  • Jonah (9 months) - Megan's son, he's like Kerry,

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