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Trudell-Richter Family
Season 8, Episode 19
Episode guide
Rudin Family
Gentry Family
Jo Frost-11-25-11

Nanny Jo returns to the UK on a mission to help a blended family. Regina Trudell has two sons, Jack (2) and Josh (5) and a year ago, Regina married a cop named Rupert Richter, who has Courtney (3) and Lauren (18 months). The kids swear, act up in the restaurant, in the car, at home, and out in public; kick, punch, shout, and all the other stuff. Can Jo help out this blended family before everything falls apart?

Discipline technique: Chill-Out Chair (for Josh and Courtney), Naughty Step (for Jack and Lauren)

Other techniques: Family Time, Car Drill Technique, Shared Play

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