Jo Frost-11-11-11
The Trikiate Family is a fanon season 9 episode of Supernanny as well as the first one. Jo returns to the UK to meet the Trikiates. It is the largest family Jo has ever encountered with about a whopping 500 children and 2 parents: John, age 40 and Ellen, age 47 and they are from Newport, Wales. The family contains a bit more than 460 foster children, 20 adopted children from Spain, North Korea, Japan, France, Ecuador, and Ghana, and 20 regular children who are quintuplets. There are 4 sets of quintuplets. One consists of males who are 10: Bruce, Benjamin, Trey, Theo, and Mel. Another consists of females at 7 years of age: Victoria, Helen, Cynthia, Lucy, and Maybel. The third set consists of males who are 4: Linus, Buster, Lyle, Nestor, and EJ (Eddy Jackson). The final set consists of both males and females (fraternal) at age of 2: Pauline, Luigi, Kyla, Timothy, and Angie. The 4-year-olds behave the worst; they can, spit, physically abuse their siblings, play with dangerous objects such as chainsaws and hammers, scream, are picky eaters, refuse to listen, act grouchy, bully other fellow children at daycare and do other actions. They were also expelled from at least 5 schools and 14 daycares. The 2-year-olds whine and are very clingy. The 10-year-olds and 7-year-olds are recently failing in school since they have never done their homework and obtained poor grades. The adopted children don't speak English very well. In addition, the family is met with Mike Ruggles. Can Jo help this gigantic family? This episode marks an issue of the Reflection Room for the 10-year-olds and the 7-year-olds, the Naughty Square for the younger sets of quintuplets, Learn English, Stay in Bed, Family Time, Good Eater, Off the Hip technique, and Homework Station.

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