The Trexler Family is a fanon season 9 episode of Supernanny and also its finale. Jo visits Boston once more to meet the Trexlers. Max, age 29, and Rebecca, age 33, have 4-year-old quadruplets: Christopher, Lorrie, Maureen, and Pat who are all diagnosed with ADHD. The quadruplets are one of the most violent children Jo has ever encountered. They swear, burp, scream, vandalize property, snack on junk food, tip over furniture, throw dangerous objects, play outside in thunderstorms, hit, kick, mess up their mother's garden, bully other fellow children their age, beg for everything they like, mimic violent acts on TV and movies, refuse to stay in bed, and do other actions. They were expelled from over 300 daycares and 50 schools. Will Jo help the family without failing?

This episode marks an issue of the Naughty Stool, Snack Jar Technique, Block Violence, Stay in Bed, Green Smoothie, Good Eater, and Vandal Disposal.