Observation beginsEdit

[Gloria knocks on the door]

[Tyson opens the door]

Gloria: "Hi!"

Tyson: "How goes it?"

Gloria: "Good."

Tyson: "This is Jeane, naturally born with extra digits on her hands. Instead of having five fingers on each hand like the rest of us do, she has 6, therefore having 12 fingers total. The same goes to her feet."

Gloria: "It's quite extraordinary."

Lindsay: "6 fingers on each hand? Jeane's hands look like two ugly insects!"

Bernadette: "I know right? Is she a f***ing fast typer or what?"

Bernice: "We don't use that bad language, okay you two? And Lindsay, it's not polite to make fun of people who have rare medical conditions."

Jeane comes home from school Edit

[When Jeane returns home, she opens the door, but then, the door accidentally closes on Jeane's extra finger]

Jeane: "Ouch!"

Kipling: "Can I help you get your finger out?"

Jeane: "Sure."

[Kipling opens the door and Jeane takes a few steps back, then Kipling closes it]

Jeane: "Thank you, Kipling."

Kipling: "You're welcome. Can I get a bandage for you, please?"

Jeane: "Okay..."

[In the kitchen, Kipling applies a bandage around Jeane's finger]

Kipling: "You know, accidents happen. But don't worry, your finger will be better a little later."

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